How broad can you shop on your own?

With Toqitos, you can now shop from anywhere in the world seamlessly by getting connected with a traveller who earns cash for delivering your items.


Shop worldwide

With Toqitos, you shop items that you need from around the world.

Get paired

We pair you with a traveler to get your item delivered to you in days.

Chat box

You can chat with your pairing to give specifics on your orders.

100% safe

Payment is secured with Toqitos Escrow system until items are received.

Top trending items weekly and dream destinations in-app.

Because we have your best interest in mind, weekly we collate top-selling items and locations of our users on the home screen of our app. This way, we spoil you with a wide range of options and items and also travel locations.

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How Toqitos Works.

We have put together a step by step know how of the activities of shoppers and travelers to get you accustomed with the Toqitos platform.


Search for the product(s) you want to purchase or input a custom link to the product you want.

Get paired

We will pair you with a traveler, who will buy your items to your specification and deliver them to you.


After an agreement has been reached by both parties, you can proceed to make payment for your order. Toqitos keeps the money in ESCROW untill you receive and confirm your order.

Pick up

Agree on a pick-up schedule with your pairing and pick your items upon their arrival.


When you are certain that you will be making a trip to a country, you can apply to be matched with a shopper.

Make a deal

Confirm travel date and be paired with a shopper who wants to purchase an item from your location.

Get paid

You will get paid to purchase the item after confirming certain specifications from the shopper.


On the agreed date and time, you will deliver the item to the shopper, and confirm that the transaction has been completed. Then you will get paid by Toqitos who hold the money in ESCROW.

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  • Shop from around the world

    Get items without losing them, paying more than you bargained, or denying shipping.

  • Get paired

    Get paired with a suitable match to help with your orders and requests at affordable rates.

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frequently asked
questions (FAQs).

Below are are a list of some frequestly asked questions:

  • How will I receive my order?

    This is ddependent upon your agreement your pair. You can either:
    i.) Meet up and pick up your item directly
    ii) Ask the traveler to send your item to you via a registred courier companys like: DHL, GIG etc. The delivery details will be dropped in the chat box so that all parties can conveniently track the delivery progress.

  • How do I deliver the order (Traveller)?

    Upon delivery options agreement with the shopper, the item could either be picked up in person by the shopper or you can send the package via a registered courier company.

  • What are the guarantees that my money is safe?

    We use a system called "Escrew Security" to guarantee the safety of your money. What this means is that, your funds remain in our custody until both parties confirms that the transacttion has beenas successfully completed.

  • What if a traveler fails to deliver exactly what was paid for?

    Contact the Toqitos support team immediately and a proper investigation will be carried out.

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I really wanted to get the red bottoms (Christian Loubotin shoes) I saw on Cardi B, but as usual them no dey ship to naija, but Toqitos is such a life saver, I got my red bottoms, now I am going to pepper the whole of Lagos.


Opeyemi Ale Wardrobe Speciaist, Nigeria

Omo, Toqitos helped me get one bad camera I needed for my photography business, now my business game is over the roof, I don blow, thank you guys.


Yusuf Solomon Photographer, Nigeria

The pandemic really hit me hard because I had to postpone my wedding indefinitely. But with the ease of the lockdown and countries opening up, finding Toqitos was one of the best things that happened to me. I wanted to buy my wedding dress from a vendor that does not ship to naija, Toqitos paired me with a traveler and I got my orders, felt like a prine on my big day.

Obinna Okonwo Kumasi, Ghana